Be fascinated with Manila’s lively metropolis which has a magnificent view of Manila Bay. Visit the country’s most popular and historically significant park, Luneta Rizal Park, which was the place where writer and patriot Jose Rizal was executed in 1896, lighting the spark that started the Philippine Revolution.

0h35m to Borocay


Relax and soak up the sun at the Philippines’ most popular white sand beach, Boracay. Unwind and enjoy water sports, kite boarding and windsurfing at Bulabog Beach, considered to be the top kite surf destination in Asia.

1h00m to Cebu


Wash your worries away with a swim from Cebu’s most famous beach, Oslob Beach, where you can have a close encounter with the area’s whale sharks, known locally as butanding. Stop at the historic Magellan Cross, which Ferdinand Magellan is said to have planted when he arrived in the area during the 16th Century.