Immerse yourself in a mediaeval world of leather tanning, metal bashing and wool dying as you plunge deep into one of the most atmospheric souks in the world. Nearby the famous Djemaa el Fna square still draws snake charmers, water sellers and acrobats as it has done for centuries. Don’t rule out the more orderly new town where the Majorelle Gardens have been lovingly restored by French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

5h43m to Fez

4h25m to Fez


Step back in time to explore the fascinating mediaeval city of Fez. Once the capital city of Morocco, Fez is an assault on the senses, a city that demands interaction rather than inspection. From the labyrinthine souks to charming hidden riads, this is a destination that rewards the intrepid traveller.

3h17m to Casablanca

0h55m to Casablanca


Brought to the world’s attention by Bogart and Bergman over seven decades ago, today’s Casablanca is a bustling commercial hub and business centre. One of the highlights of this busy port city is the delightful French colonial architecture that can still be seen downtown, blending Moorish styles with Art Deco flourishes. Don’t miss the towering Hassan II Mosque with its 210m minaret.