Enjoy the historic atmosphere that the capital of Jordan has to offer. The modern city is full of ancient ruins, highlights being the 8th Century Umayyad Palace complex and the royal pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules. The location is also home to a large amphitheatre which still puts on plays to this day.

2h58m to Petra


Enter this UNESCO World Heritage Site through the slot canyon known as the Siq and as the famous treasury is revealed, you’ll understand why so many visitors say this place is breathtaking. Surrounded by desert, the Rose City’s many tombs and temples were hewn from the pink sandstone cliffs and as you explore, you’ll marvel at the architecture, elegance and scale of the place.

3h02m to Sweimeh (Dead sea)

10-14,Sweimeh (Dead Sea)

Lie back and relax as the high salt content of the Dead Sea’s waters forms a natural cradle. This area is the lowest on earth and as you descend, you’ll first appreciate the stark landscape and later the wealth of facilities that are found here. From luxury hotels to buzzing nightlife, this place is a great choice for a holiday to remember.