Experience the buzz that characterises the Japanese capital, where flashing neon and dazzling skyscrapers light up your visit. From the free hugs of Harajuku to the electronics of Akihabara, each district has its own story to tell.

2h44m to Matsumoto

3h03m to Matsumoto


Travel high up to the Japanese Alps to this mountain town, winding your way through streets lined with traditional merchant houses to discover the signature black walls of the 16th century Matsumoto Castle, which give the place its nickname, “Crow Castle”.

1h55m to Tsumago

3h03m to Matsumoto


Journey to one of Japan’s best preserved post towns. Its residents go to great lengths to preserve it as it would have been in the Edo period and you’ll easily see why when you visit. Tsumago still boasts traditional row houses and the original Honjin, the main inn of the town.

3h03m to Kyoto

3h03m to Matsumoto


Absorb Japan’s history in the ancient heart of its former capital Kyoto. In Gion, watch as maiko and geisha scurry off to their clients clad in traditional kimono, their faces painted white and their feet clad in geta. This city’s wooden ryokans and elaborate temples will leave a lasting impression.