Step foot in Nepal’s capital city and place yourself right in the middle of a riot of colour, sounds, and a frenetic, chaotic cityscape. Ancient temples jostle for attention alongside the splendid backdrop of the tallest mountain range in the world.

1h20m to Paro


Approach with caution – or at least in the hands of an expert: the flight path into Paro’s tiny airport is so tricky that only a handful of pilots are entrusted to land. It’s worth the effort; this prosperous mountain settlement boasts a beautiful monastery by the name of Rinpung Dzong and a backdrop of the mighty Himalaya themselves.

4h12m to Punakha

1h20m to Paro


Explore the former Bhutanese capital and of its many monuments to Tibetan Buddhism. Pungtang Dechen Photrang Dzong, or thePlace of Great Happiness is a magnificent example of the dzong or ortress") architecture that can be found in Punakha and other parts of Bhutan.

3h00m to Thimpu

1h20m to Paro


Join the residents of Bhutan’s capital city where the pursuit of Gross National Happiness is considered to be much more important than money. Don’t miss the enormous Tashiccho Monastery and the sight of government ministers going about their business in the traditional national costume.