Functioning as Bali’s capital, the bustle and energy of Denpasar can come as a shock after some of the island’s more tranquil coastal villages, but the city provides a fascinating opportunity to people-watch and shop. Hectic and chaotic, its food scene provides a more authentically Balinese experience than some of the restaurants catering for the tourist scene along the coast.

0h25m to Sanur


Stroll along the promenade at Sanur and you’ll enjoy the contrasts provided by the hotel beaches and areas frequented by the local population. There are plenty of places to seek out a Thai massage, varied dining options and a plethora of entrepreneurs waiting to rent out watersports equipment.

2h35m to Medewi


Enjoy this lesser-known area in Bali. Escaping the rapid development that has afflicted some parts of Indonesia, Medewi is languid and laid-back. Its waters have several surf breaks, the black sand beaches are perfect for a stroll and the lack of crowds makes this the ideal place to kick back and relax.

2h33m to Ubud


Surround yourself with the verdant terraces of Ubud, a central Balinese gem. A mecca for art lovers, yoga aficionados and those simply seeking an alternative to the island’s coastal resorts, Ubud has a wealth of accommodation choices and a well-developed tourist infrastructure.