Wealthy Santiago is Chile’s cultural hub and cosmopolitan capital. Ride the funicular up Cerro San Christobal and admire the views across the surrounding countryside before descending to the cafes, restaurants and bars of the lively Bellavista district. Las Condes, nicknamed Sanhattan, is the place to go to search out a hot deal in the best malls in town.

1h42m to Colchagua Valley

5-8,Colchagua Valley

Travel to the peaceful Colchagua Valley, Chile, known for its vineyards and longstanding wine-producing tradition. The trilla a yegua suelta, an old farming tradition involving the harvesting and threshing of wheat using mares was once the main method of farming in the area but is now celebrated each summer as part of a popular fiesta.

1h42m to Colchagua Valley

9-11,Easter Island

Remote and exotic, the moai of Easter Island have engendered a fascination amongst travellers for as long as its residents can remember. Visit a quarry where abandoned stones in varying states of excavation have lain for centuries and watch the sun rise over the fifteen moai that stand, their backs to the sea, at Ahu Tongariki. The vivid hues of Ranu Kau, a volcanic crater lake found to the south of the island, are a reminder that some of the island’s most memorable sites are natural rather than manmade.

1h42m to Colchagua Valley

8h40m to Punta Arenas

12-14,Punta Arenas

Travel almost as far south as you can to Chile’s most southerly city located on the Strait of Magellan. Punta Arenas is the jumping off point not only for travellers going to Antarctica but also those heading a few hours north of its airport to the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. Before you leave, tour the Austral Brewery, visit the Braun-Menéndez Museum, Museo del Recuerdo and the Nao Victoria Museum.