1-5,Rio De Janeiro

Iconic and recognisable the world over, Rio de Janeiro’s bay front setting in the shadow of Sugar Loaf Mountain is a destination to be found on many a bucket list. Its beaches evoke a colourful past: Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon all attract tourists by the thousand. Visit during the riotous carnival to experience this playful city in full-on party mode.

8h07m to Minas Gerais

6-9,Minas Gerais

Located in southeastern Brazil, Minas Gerais made its fortune in the gold rush of the 18th Century. The noted sculptor Aleijadinho was responsible for the elaborate decoration that adornsmany of the baroque churches in the area as well as some of the ornate mansions.

4h01m to Ouro Preto

10-13,Ouro Preto

Meaning ‘black gold’, Ouro Preto was originally founded in 1698 as a gold rush town, the placethe precious metal was brought to be weighed and sold. These days a well-preserved colonial town in Brazil, Ouro Preto is located on the doorstep of the beautiful Itacolomi State Park. Its opera house, the Teatro Municipal, dates back to 1770 and is the oldest theatre in South America to be still operating.

4h01m to Ouro Preto


Visit Brazil’s answer to the Australian Gold Coast, a strip of sand so popular it’s now lined with skyscrapers of glass and steel. It’s busy, confident and outgoing, but behind the modern face of Recife lies a compact and eminently walkable historic core. Praia do Forte- Explore Praia do Forte’s myriad charms. This resort is a great spot to relax and enjoy the ocean. Surfing, fishing, snorkelling and exploring the rainforest are all possible here, as is a visit to its sea turtle reserve. In town you’ll find a quaint church, nearby the ruins of an old castle.

4h01m to Ouro Preto

1h15m to Salvador


Step back in time to a Portuguese city steeped in tradition and influenced by the slaves who were compelled to travel from their African homelands to their new home across the Atlantic. Its carnival rivals Rio’s in atmosphere and its old town’s cobbled streets are amongst the most colourful and characterful in the country.