1-4,Iguacu Falls

Dramatic Iguacu spills over its sheer drop where Argentina and Brazil meet tiny Paraguay. Jet boats pirouette at the base of the Falls, but for the best view, take to the skies in a helicopter and see the 300 or so different drops cascade majestically into the river below.


Founded by the Spanish in 1582, Salta has much to detain the visitor. A visit to Cabildo, the old town hall, is where you’ll find the Museo Historico del Norte. The Cerro San Bernardo is reached by a climb of 1070 steps up a steep hill; a meal or a beer awaits anyone brave enough for that hike.

2h48m to Cafayate


Explore wine country in the pleasant surroundings of the little town of Cafayate near Salta, Argentina. Dedicated to the local wineries, the Museum of Wine illustrates the importance of the wine industry in these parts, while a visit to the Cabras da Cafayate, offers tours and tastings of the delicious local goat cheese.

2h48m to Cafayate

13-17,Buenos Aires

Experience the passion of the tango in the place where it was born. Emotion runs high in the Argentinian capital, a city which wears its heart on its sleeve. Vibrant La Boca has been transformed from a working class barrio to a popular tourist haunt. Make sure you find time to visit La Recoleta cemetery where Evita’s remains are interred. .