Founded in 1724 by the Spanish, Uruguay’s capital and largest city won’t disappoint. Pass through Puerta de la Ciudadela and enter the Ciudad Vieja to explore the city’s landmarks including the National History Museum, Museo Torres Garcia, Palacio Legislativo, the Museum of Natural History and the Museo Blanes.

2h13m to Jose Ignacio

7-11,Jose Ignacio

Popularised by celebrities who have turned this quiet fishing village into a mecca for the rich and the beautiful, Jose Ignacio is a place to be seen. On Playa Brava you can hang out with Brazilian jet setters and super models - and alas, the paparazzi that follow them. On western Playa Mansa, relax in a more laid back locale.

5h04m to Carmelo


Taste the best of uruguay’s wines in this popular centre for viticulture. Carmelo has grown up around two main squares. The first is the Plaza Artigas where you’ll find a monument to the city’s founder alongside Templo Historico del Carmen church, a museum and archive, The other is the commercial city square, hub of activity both day and night. Boating, fishing and sailing on the Arroyo de las Vacas River complement the obvious choice of visiting a local winery for a tasting.

1h03m to Colonia del Sacramento

17-21,Colonia Del Sacramento

Sedate Colonial del Sacramento, located across the river from Buenos Aires, is a world away from the bustling Argentine capital. Its narrow streets ooze history from every cobblestone. There are museums, boutiques and restaurants here but the main attraction is simply to stroll and soak up its history.