1-7,Panama City

Viewed as a cultural and historical mixing pot, Panama City is almost five centuries old, with architecture varying from the colonial to the glass and steel skyscraper. The Old Town has been painstakingly restored, its once crumbling mansions now luxury boutique hotels. Don’t miss up the opportunity to take a tip along the famous Panama Canal which bisects the country to link the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.

1h01m to Gamboa


Built originally in 1911 to house the Panama Canal employees and their families, Gamboa is accessible by a single land bridge constructed from wood and iron to span the river Chagres. Gamboa is a wonderful place to see wildlife including crocodiles, iguanas and hundreds of bird species. One of its birding trails is considered the best trail in Panama.

9h22m to Bocas del Toro

15-21,Bocas Del Toro

Combining an archipelago and a biodiverse rainforest, Bocas del Toro is a delightful place to swim, take scuba lessons, surf, fish and island hop. By night, the sounds of reggae music fill the air, engendering a laid back vibe.