1-5,Mexico City

Populated by over 26 million people, Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. Despite this, its historic centre is eminently walkable. A stroll from the cathedral will soon reveal colonial churches, fascinating museums and well-restored municipal buildings. Look out for the slope: Mexico City was built on a drained lake and as a consequence, many of the city’s oldest buildings have sunk unevenly into the soft soil.

1h45m to Merida


Influenced by the Mayans, British, French, Spanish and even Dutch, this historic town located to the north of the Yucatan peninsula is about as far removed from the bright lights of Cancun as you can get. It’s a delight to explore; begin with the stunningly beautiful art murals of Fernando Pacheco, the Palacio de Gobierno on the Plaza Grande or the city’s contemporary arts museum, the MACAY. Chichen Itza- Towering above the jungle, the Kukulkan pyramid of the sun at the ruins of Chichen Itza is one of the most impressive sights in the Mayan world. The site is vast. Take your time as you explore ancient ball courts, the beautifully carved El Caracol observatory and Tzompantli, the wall of skulls.

3h16m to Cancun

0h55m to Cancun


Created from scratch half a century ago, Cancun’s sandy beaches have been developed into a fully-fledged resort. You’ll find shops, nightclubs, bars and restaurants to fill your evenings From exhibition dances on street corners to the Casa De Cultura Art Center and the Teatro de Cancun, culture and the arts are also well represented in Cancun.