1-5,Belize City

A visit to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary from November to February is a treat for bird watchers as migrating birds from North America gather. Admire and enjoy Old Belize Beach, just outside the city, whose quaint, old-fashioned Caribbean charm provides contrast to the modern Belize of the city.

2h12m to San Pedro

6-10,San Pedro

Sleepy San Pedro is one of those places where you can pack light; shoes are optional. Hotels line the strip of sand that forms the island resort’s main beach with dining on the beach and on waterfront verandas easy to find. If you can be bothered, it’s possible to take a trip back to the mainland to see some of the area’s Mayan ruins, but judging by the lack of crowds you’ll encounter, most people are happy to just laze about by the water.

3h59m to San Ignacio

11-14,San Ignacio

Rustic San Ignacio is a convenient base from which to visit the Mayan ruins at Cahal Pec and see the mural entitled ‘Land of the Gods’ on the Scotia Bank wall that was a joint project by local artists. An absolute must-see is the Green Iguana Conservation Project where you can interact with the friendly, green iguanas that lend the project their name.