Commanding centre stage on a world-class skyline, the CN Tower towers over downtown Toronto. In a city where over half its residents were born outside Canada, it’s the neighbourhoods and eateries that delight. Visit one of Canada’s premier museums, the Royal Ontario Museum, and soak up the history of the area. Time your trip right and catch the annual fair, the Canadian National Exhibition, which is the oldest in the world.

4h14m to Ottowa

0h55m to Ottowa

4h05m to Ottowa


Be impressed by the cultural attractions that Ottawa has to offer, incorporating the art and history of the National Gallery of Canada and the exhibits showcased in the Canadian War Museum. Don’t forget to visit the most popular and historical Ottawa attraction: Parliament Hill, the political centre of the city. You are in Canada’s capital city, after all.

2h03m to Montreal

0h55m to Ottowa

1h47m to Montreal


Brush up on your French when you visit Canada’s French-speaking city. The art and food scenes are among the best in the country. Sip espresso in a cafe on Plateau Mont-Royal, delight your tastebuds in one of the many food markets or unleash your creativity at a cooking class. Be sure to take in the 18th Century architecture of Old Montreal.

2h38m to Quebec City

0h45m to Quebec City

1h47m to Montreal

12-14,Quebec City

Discover the UNESCO-listed Old Québec, the only walled city to be found north of Mexico and crammed full of cobblestone streets which are a delight to wander. The city’s known for its famous Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world. Don’t forget to visit the Great Wall – it’s 4.6 km long with imposing gates.